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Università degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza"
1st cycle of studies: 2007/2008
Drawing of natural elements and systems (26/30)
Architectural elements of the city and the territory (28/30)
General and systematic botanical elements (30 cum laude/30)
Institutions and complements of maths (29/30)
Materials and technical machineries for outdoors (28/30)
Laboratory of analysis and modelling of environmental systems (30/30)
Laboratory of landscape analysis and representation (30/30)
Territorial planning and ecology (28/30) Garden and landscape’s history (30 cum laude/30)
1st cycle of studies: 2008/2009
Forest dendrometry and dendrology (24/30)
Laboratory of gardens and landscape planning (30 cum laude/30)
Laboratory of territory and landscape planning (30/30)
Representation of territory, geography and geomorphology (30 cum laude/30) History of the city and the territory (28/30))
1st cycle of studies: 2009/2010

Environmental jurisprudence (28/30)
Environmental geology in territory defence (30 cum laude/30)
Laboratory of processes and technologies of environmental requalification (30/30)
Materials and furniture components (30 cum laude/30)
Evaluation, accounting and professional exercise (26/30)
Introducing workshop at conclusive laboratories (29/30)

Bachelor degree in Landscape and Gardens Architecture.
Thesis: Requalification of Alessandrino Park, Rome
Advisor: M. E. Fisicaro
Final grade: 110 cum laude/110
Achievement date: 28/10/2010
2nd cycle of studies: 2010/2011
Laboratory of landscape and infrastructure (27/30)
Laboratory of parks and landscape (30/30)
Laboratory of restoration and landscape (30/30)
Feeling and representation of environment and landscape (30 cum laude/30)
Phytogeography and applied geobotanic (30/30)
2nd cycle of studies: 2011/2012
Landscape architecture (30 cum laude/30)
Jurisprudence of environment and landscape (30 cum laude/30)
Laboratory of planning and landscape (30 cum laude/30)
Laboratory of environmental planning (30 cum laude/30)
Environmental planning (30/30)
Master degree in Landscape Architecture.
Thesis: Requalification project of the contact area between the Aqueduct Park and the urban fabric, Rome
Advisor: F. Toppetti
Final grade: 110 cum laude
Achievement date: 26/03/2013