Transcript of records at Rome University "La Sapienza"
Marta Campanile
Personal data
Place of residence: Venezia Mestre (Italy)
Date of birth: 5th July 1988
Place of birth: Zevio (VR)
Nationality: Italian
Driving licence: B, car owner
Government exam: Passed on 24th September 2013.
Period: October 2010 – March 2013
Place: Università degli Studi di Roma La Sapienza, Roma, Italy.
Course: Master in Landscape Architecture (2 years). [LM (DM 270/04)- ORDIN. 2010]
Thesis: Requalification project of the contact area between the Aqueduct Park and the urban fabric (Roma).
Advisor: Fabrizio Toppetti
Final grade: 110 cum laude
Period: September 2007 – October 2010
Place: Università degli Studi di Roma La Sapienza, Roma, Italy.
Course: Bachelor in Landscape and Gardens Architecture (3 years). [L (DM 509/99)- ORDIN. 2007]
Thesis: Requalification of Alessandrino Park (Roma).
Advisor: Maria Elena Fisicaro
Final grade: 110 cum laude
Period: September 2002 – July 2007
Place: Liceo Classico Raimondo Franchetti, Venezia Mestre, Italy.
Certificate: Liceo Classico diploma
Final grade: 87/100

I have been attending conferences organised by my University and by Fondazione Benetton (Treviso) from 2007 till now. I have been at WAF in 2009 (Barcelona).

Working experiences
Period: From June 2013 to date
Conducted activity:

Participation at contests of ideas and of design with the team GrinAPP , which I co-founded in June 2013.

March 2014
WT SmartCityAward – International Urban & Architectural competition.
Titolo progetto: Redevelopment o fan area in the Municipality VII of Rome.
Menzione d’onore.

March 2014
Festival del verde e del paesaggio, competizione “Innamorarsi in giardino” (Italia).
Titolo progetto: La stanza dell'impossibile.

January 2014
III Festival dei Giardini di Pordenone: Ortogiardino 2014, competition “Luci ed ombre in giardino” (Italy).
Project title: Two sides One soul.

December 2013
International Garden Festival – 15th Edition. Jardin de Métis (Canada).
Project title: Le jardin dans l’arc en ciel.

November 2013
Festival Internacional de Xardins de Allariz 2014, competition “Xanrdìns da abundancia” (Spain).
Project title: El jardin fructuoso. 

October 2013
Eco_Luoghi 2013, Progetti di rigenerazione urbana. Associazione Mecenate 90 e Unioncamere (Italy).
Project title: Riqualificazione urbana di un’area ricadente nel IX Municipio di Roma.

October 2013
Conferenza Nazionale AIAPP “Il progetto di paesaggio: motore per lo sviluppo economico”, evento “La notte più lunga dell’anno” (Italy).
Project title: Leaf can light up your life.

June 2013
Foundation of GrinAPP.

Period: May 2012
Conducted activity:

Workshop of Environmental Management at “Giardininterrazza” Festival (Roma).

Period: June 2011
Conducted activity:

Speaker at “FestArch”, International Architecture Festival (Terni).

Period: May 2011
Conducted activity:

Selected exhibitor at “Euroflora 2011”, competition “Orchards and Gardens” (Genova).

Period: December 2007
Conducted activity:

Translator from English to Italian of scientific articles for Rivista di Psicoanalisi.

Period: July 2003
Conducted activity:

Volunteer in Hanbury Botanical Garden (Genova).

Mother tongue: Italian
Other languages:

French: fluent both written and spoken (DALF achievement in 2006).

  English: high level of comprehension ability, intermediate levels of speaking and writing ability.
  Spanish: high level of comprehension ability, intermediate levels of speaking and writing ability.
Socials and organizational abilities

I amable to work both alone and in team, even organising workgroups.

IT skills
Operating systems: Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and 7
Microsoft Office
3d Studio Max (Autodesk Training Centre certification, at Archibit Generation)
Basis of web programming
Use of interactive display Cintiq
Hobbies and interests

I like drawing and photographing.

I read a lot (classics, thrillers, fantasy and science fictions).

I play many sports.

I love travelling and I am glad to have already done a lot of journey in wonderful places. There I could appreciate different cultures and landscapes.